3 Tips for Better Training

3 Tips for Better Training

In today's video we'll be answering a couple of common questions we get on training: 

1. What's the best workout?

2. How many times and how long should I train for?

3. Should I do a full body workout or upper lower body split?


The one most common problem we see at the gym is that people train far too hard and frequently when they first start out. 

You've just signed up for a membership or are coming back after a break and you're excited to put your all into your sessions. This is totally understandable, however, this method is likely to set you up for failure. 

The reason being is that, most of us aren't trained to be high performing athletes. This means that training 5 - 7 days a week is more than likely to leave us feeling:

  • Worn down
  • Exhausted
  • Sore
  • Under nourished
  • Overly stressed
  • Disappointed (when we fail to continue this routine usually by week 3 or 4)

Here are 3 steps to help you keep on track without feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. 


TIP ONE: Choose your training goal

It's quite common to hear that someone's goal is to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, however, this is rarely achievable with distinguishable results. To put it simply, training to build muscle and eating to lose weight kind of looks like if someone tries to turn left and right at the same time. 

Example situation: 
Suzy has been neglecting her fitness for the last 6 months due to her busy schedule at work and decides that it's finally time to get back on track. She now workouts out at the gym 4 days a week and goes for runs 2 other days. She's making sure that she's eating at a caloric deficit so that she'll lose some weight. Two weeks in, and Suzy is feeling hungry all the time, it becomes hard to concentrate at work. Come the weekend, she's worried about undoing all her hard work so she has one drink with the girls but accidentally has one too many slices of pizza. She feels bad about losing control but tries to workout harder and eat less starting Monday. She feels her body getting softer but can't really tell if she's lost any weight. 

The breakdown of why Suzy feels that way:

  • Eating in a deficit means our body doesn't have enough calories to repair and maintain itself - it's like taking half a breath of air instead of a full one every time
  • She feels softer not because she's actually losing fat, she's losing muscle mass because her body doesn't have enough nutrition and time to recover
  • She's feeling exhausted and hungry because she's not eating enough
  • Without adequate recovery, Suzy increases her chances of injury during training and running


TIP TWO: Follow an actual program 

You might have had some experience working out, however, there's a reason why programs work. It's simple, because they have been calculated to produce results. So why not take the stress off yourself to produce a perfectly tailored program?

Other pros of following a workout plan includes:

  • Having a plan to be accountable to 
  • Tracking your progress (also works as motivation to do better than your last session)
  • Not over training (allowing adequate recovery time)

So here are two completely FREE TRAINING PROGRAMS that we've designed to help you get started. 

BUILD PROGRAM - who's it for?

  • Men & Women
  • Goal: Build Muscle/ Tone Up
  • Those who want to feel stronger

SHRED PROGRAM - who's it for?

  • Men & Women
  • Goal: Shred Weight
  • Those who might have sedentary jobs and want to be more active
  • Those who want to increase their energy levels

These come with full instructions on exercises, rep and set ranges, and a suggested 4 week calendar spread to help you plan your workouts.

Build Muscle Training Program from Spartans Gym               Shred Weight Training Program by Spartans Gym




TIP THREE: Be patient

It's tempting to want visible results in 2 weeks, however, more likely than not results don't show until week 3 or 4. 

Being skinny and frail is a thing of the past now, we want to focus on getting everyone fit and healthy!

Health and fitness should be a life-long priority, so look at this is as the stepping stone in this marathon of life. Focus on the input and prioritise one goal at a time, that way we also allow our bodies to adapt to the new stimulus as well as give it time to produce the results of a new and improved state of being. 


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