How To Do A Standing Hamstring Curl - Spartans Gym
Standing Hamstring Curl Curl Overview The standing Hamstring Curl is a lower body isolation movement designed to isolate the hamstring muscles, and secondary muscles such as the glutes are also activated during this movement. Strengthening our hamstrings is important for our...
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How To Do A Leg Press - Spartans Gym
Leg Press Overview The leg press is a compound leg movement where resistance is pushed away from the body using our legs. Being a compound movement, the leg press works our quad muscles, calves, hamstrings and our glutes. This is a...
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How to do a Seated Leg Curl - Spartans Gym
Seated Leg Curl Overview   The seated hamstring curl is an isolated movement that works the hamstring muscles (bicep femoris, semitendinosus, and the semimembranosus). The strengthening of these muscles is very advantageous in building strong joints for every day movement and functioning, this...
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