How to do a Seated Leg Curl - Spartans Gym

How to do a Seated Leg Curl - Spartans Gym

Seated Leg Curl Overview


The seated hamstring curl is an isolated movement that works the hamstring muscles (bicep femoris, semitendinosus, and the semimembranosus). The strengthening of these muscles is very advantageous in building strong joints for every day movement and functioning, this helps reduce the risk of chronic pain as we age and keep everything moving healthily.

Target Muscles

A hamstring curl focuses primarily on the hamstrings which are made up of 3 major muscles, the Bicep Femoris, semitendinosus, and the semimembranosus. All three play a vital role in movements such as squats, walking, running and essentially any lower body movements as these are the muscles that bend the knee during movements. Meanwhile, the biceps femoris long head and semimembranosus extend the hip joint in movements.


Make sure you are seated in the machine with your back flat against the back support pad, adjust the lap pad so it is securely holding your legs in position, and the lowering pad should sit just above ankle height and not too far up our calves, your legs should be fully extended in front of you with your legs levered in and your toes facing forward. 

How to Execute

Once you have adjusted the machine correctly, make sure you are seated with your back comfortably against the pad. Position your lower legs against the pad of the extended lever, and adjust the lap pad so it is securely holding your legs in place. Whilst exhaling, flex your knees using your hamstrings to pull the lever inwards, continue to do so until the machine is pulled back far enough that it almost touches the back of your thighs. Squeeze and hold for a second and then release back to the starting position while inhaling.  

When To Do Seated Leg curl

Seated Leg Curl can be completed as a movement to warm up the hamstrings prior to compound leg exercises or at the end of a leg workout to further fatigue the hamstring muscles.

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