Here you'll find frequently asked questions regarding your gym membership or gym related questions. If you can't find your question here, l please feel free to call us at (03) 5333 4333 or email us at info@spartansgym247.com.au. 

1. What are your open/staffed hours?

The gym's reception is open during our retail hours:
  • Monday - Thursday: 10am - 7pm
  • Friday: 10am - 6pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 2pm

2. Is Spartans gym a 24hour gym?

Yes, we are. However, you'll need to come in during staffed hours if you wish to purchase a casual pass. This applies to bringing friends and family in for trials and casuals. 
*Unauthorised access via tail tagging may result in the termination of your gym membership.*

3. Do you offer casual visit passes, what are the conditions?

Yes, we do. You'll need to purchase your casual pass(s) during staffed hours. These are our casual visit options:
  • 1 x casual - $15
  • 5 x causal - $60
  • 7 day pass - $35
*24 hour access for casual passes can be arranged, please contact us to set this up*

4. Can I put my membership on hold, how do I do that?

Yes, you can. All memberships are eligible for a complImentary 6 week freeze per year. Once your allowance has been used up, you may freeze your membership for $5/week if you aren't able to attend the gym. 
* If you freeze your membership, your membership contract will be extended for the amount of time the freeze has been applied*

5. Can I cancel my membership, how do I do that?

Yes, you can. If are no longer able to use our services and would like to cancel you membership, here's what you need to do: *Call us at (03) 5333 4333 / Email us at info@spartansgym247.com.au*
  • Prepaid memberships: Your contract will expire at the end of its term. These are non-refundable, but possibly transferable to any non-existing members.
  • No Contract Direct Debit memberships: In addition to the prompts above, you'll be required to give us at least 30 days notice prior to the requested date of cancellation. 
  • Contract Direct Debit memberships: Your contract will expire at the end of its term, it will automatically roll-over and continue into No Contract Direct Debit terms, and you will then require to give us 30 days notice prior to the requested date of cancellation.

6. When do I get billed for my membership?

It varies depending on the membership you've purchased.
  • If you've purchased a Prepaid membership, only a one time payment is required during the time of purchase. Once your membership expires, you'll be able to repurchase the same or a similar option. This is subject to availability of membership options at the time. 

  • If you've purchased a Weekly Direct Debit membership, you'll be billed weekly on a Thursday from your nominated bank account. All billing and insufficient fund errors will incur a $10 rejection fee.

*If you've lost your card or wish to change your payment details, please be sure to do so asap. If you've got any questions about your ongoing membership billing or past payments, feel free to contact us.*


7. Does Spartans gym offer FREE TRIALS, how do I get one?

Yes, we do. We want you to love the gym before signing up. Our FREE TRIAL passes extend toward your friends and family too, we'd love to see you share the awesome experience with those closest to you. 
FREE TRIAL options:
  • Three day FREE TRIAL (3 consecutive days)
How to get a FREE TRIAL pass:
  • Call (03) 5333 4333/Email info@spartansgym247.com.au our team to book and redeem your pass. 
  • or Visit us at the gym for a walk in pass
  • or Visit our website and fill in your details for a pass, click here

*FREE TRIAL passes can only be used during staffed hours, please refer to question one for our hours*


8. Is there a joining fee/extra fees when I sign up for a Spartans gym membership?

No, there isn't. We cover all the extra fees (including merchant fees) when you sign up with us. You'll only need to pay for the membership. We'll even throw in your 24hour access key tag for FREE!


9. I've lost my key tag, what do I do?

When you sign up, you'll get your first 24hour access key tag for free. However, every consecutive key tag will cost you $29. Every member is required to have a key tag to enter the gym, tail tagging may result in the termination of your membership or the persons involved in the incident.

*Please let us know if you've lost your tag and require time to search for it*


10. What is the minimum age to join Spartans gym?

The minimum age requirement is 15 years old. Members aged 15 years old need to be supervised by an appropriate guardian (18 years or older) and will not be granted an access key tag until the age of 16.
Members aged 16 years old, must have a parent/guardian co-sign the membership form and wavier.