Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any signup fees? We do not charge any crazy signup fees when signing up for Spartans Gym. In fact, we don't charge any fee's at all! All memberships now come with a complimentary 24hr access tag. The only fee that is applicable is with direct debit memberships where debit success charges a $10 administration fee with the first payment.


  • Is there any trial period? We do offer a 3-day free trial, simply follow the links or visit in store to register. We also offer 1-week memberships for a low price. 


  • How old do I have to be to join? Minimum joining age for joining at Spartans Gym is 14 years old. Members aged 14-15 must be supervised by an appropriate guardian and will not be issued with an access tag until they reach the age of 16. Members aged under 16 years must have a parent/guardian co-sign the membership form and waiver.


  • Can I suspend my membership? You can suspend your membership for a minimum period of 2 weeks, but no for no longer than 6 weeks unless for medical reasons (certificate required). You will not be charged any suspension fees. 


  • How do I cancel my direct debit membership? As per the agreement, 30 days notice is required for cancellation of direct debit memberships. The notice must be given via email to, in person or via telephone. Please note if you have not finished your contract, you will be liable to pay out any remaining fees. 


  • How do I cancel my prepaid membership? Prepaid memberships will expire at the end of their term. These are not refundable but can be transferred to a family or friend.