Meet the Team

Pat Dickson 

After taking over the business in mid 2011, Pat has put countless hours into making the gym a bigger and better training environment for everyone.

Pat has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise & Sport Science/Management and is an expert in the sport supplement and nutrition department. He has a passion for strength training and powerlifting!

Matt Paterson 

Matt has been a part of the Spartans team since 2012. He has a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Matt has a keen interest in sports nutrition and strength & conditioning.

Zac Budge

Zac joined the team in 2017. Zac is the gym manager and has a passion for physique bodybuilding. Alongside Matt and Pat, Zac has played a big role in upgrading and renovating the gym. Zac is the go to guy for any gym queries. To get in contact with Zac, call (03) 5333 4333, email or come in and see him in person.