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Protein is an essential nutrient required for rebuilding cells, and is required to be taken daily as the body cannot produce the amino acids itself. Extra protein should be taken both pre- and post-workout for maximum muscle gain, as not taking sufficient protein can severely reduce your ability to gain muscle mass and repair muscle damage from exercise.

Fat burners are a great tool when it comes to looking good and getting into shape.
It's something you can add into your diet and training plan to accelerate results. If can also be used to kick start your progress again if things slow down. The primary goal of this-as the name suggests is to target body fat. Most products also have a good energy boosting component to them. This is a nice bonus and generally when dieting energy levels can tend to get a little low. The use of the weight loss supplement in the morning or pre-workout can help boost up energy for better training and mental focus.

Amino acids have a wide variety of benefits, particularly for performance and recovery. They are one of the fundamental elements required in muscle cell growth and reproduction.  In total there are 21 amino acids required for optimal body function, 9 of which are sourced from an athlete’s diet. Not getting enough of these 9 essential amino acids results in the breakdown of muscle. Amino acids cannot be stored in the body, unlike carbohydrates and fat, and therefore need to be replaced on a daily basis. Athletes and bodybuilders supplement their diets with BCAAs. These are a specific selection of essential amino acids that constitute around 35% of muscle. Taking these amino acids at the right time will increase muscle mass and lead to a quicker recovery time. So if you’re working out five to six days a week, an added boost to these vital acids will be beneficial.

Pre-workout supplements are designed to increase energy,boost performance and allow you to train harder in the gym. Typically a pre-workout is taken 15-30 minutes before exercise. This is to help prime your body to train harder and longer. Although most pre-workouts won't assist in building muscle they can be very beneficial in the process. Training is an essential part of the muscle regrowth process. A muscle needs to be signalled first and a good pre-workout can help this process.

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